Turf Suppliers in Aylesbury & the Surrounding Areas | Delivering Your Landscaping Materials

Are you planning to lay new turf as part of a landscaping project? To reduce the chances of a failed installation, you need to work with proven turf suppliers. At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we deliver fresh turf to your property in perfect condition. If you’d prefer to avoid handling the hard work of laying it yourself, our team takes care of it for you. We can even integrate this service into a wider landscape design project. With our expertise, we ensure your turf beds in perfectly for a superior take in all garden conditions.

Operating out of Longwick, we cover all neighbouring locations, including Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough. However, we have the resources and manpower to undertake work throughout Buckinghamshire.

Our landscaping and gardening company sources premium turf from suppliers we know and trust for quality and longevity. We collect your turf early in the morning on the day of your delivery. This same-day service means you receive turf in optimal condition, not a product that has been sitting out and deteriorating for days.

As a specialist in all aspects of gardening services and landscape design, we know the importance of fresh, premium products – so that’s exactly what we deliver.

Turf Suppliers | Delivering Various Landscaping Materials

Lewis Turf & Fencing covers all your turfing, landscaping and gardening needs in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. Like any reputable turf supplier, we provide a complete range of services to meet every eventuality, including:

  • Premium Turf Supply
  • Professional Turf Laying
  • Supply-and-Fit Service
  • Supply-only Service
  • Same-day Collection and Delivery
  • Supply of Topsoil and Mulch

As local independent turf suppliers, we think every property owner should have access to high-quality turf at affordable prices. With our competitive rates and free delivery, we have allowed property owners across Buckinghamshire the opportunity to create stunning turfed spaces in the heart of their landscape design projects.

When it comes to topsoil, we supply safe, screened and BS-certified soil proven to increase the fertility of your outside space. If your landscaping project involves growing flowers and plants, quality topsoil is a vital element.

Likewise, mulches make a great addition to gardens too. Generally used to improve soil around plants, suppress weeds and save water, our mulch also gives your outside space a neat and tidy appearance.

The Importance of Freshly Delivered Turf

As all respected turf suppliers would agree, it’s important to lay your turf as quickly as possible. Turf is a living thing, so the longer it takes to get from the supplier to your property, the more it deteriorates. Needless to say, the less vigour your turf has, the less likely it is to take root. Failed turfing can prove a huge setback for any landscape design project.

Because we source your turf from a local supplier, we can collect it, transport it to your Aylesbury or Buckinghamshire property, and lay it all in the same day.

During the summer months, the heat and humidity drains freshly cut turf of moisture. For optimal landscaping results, then, you must lay it within 12 hours.

The wetter, cooler months of spring, autumn and winter extend this window, but the maximum recommended period for laying turf is still within 24 hours.

At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we’re more than just turf suppliers. If needed, we manage your turf supply and installation from start to finish. From ground preparation to watering guidance, we do whatever it takes to ensure you receive stunning new turf.

Call 01844 344 435 to speak to Buckinghamshire’s trusted turf suppliers. We cover locations across the county, from Aylesbury to High Wycombe.