Fencing Contractor & Top Choice for Landscaping in Aylesbury | Your Questions Answered

Have you got a long-held vision for a landscaped garden that you’re ready to bring to life? Or do you want to transform your garden, but don’t know where to start? At Lewis Turf & Fencing, our skilled team covers every aspect of landscape design. This includes specialist services as fencing contractors as well as topsoil, mulch and turf suppliers. With ongoing garden maintenance also included in our services, we can also keep your Aylesbury garden looking its best for years to come.

Design plays a key role in our gardening services. From hard landscaping like fencing services and patio laying to softscaping work like planting schemes and turfing, a meticulously planned design ensures you enjoy your space as much as possible.

At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we treat your landscape design as a blank canvas from the outset. Such highly personal projects deserve a fully bespoke approach from start to finish. Below, we have answered some of the most popular questions we receive about our landscaping and gardening services, as well as outlining some of their benefits.

Answering Your Questions About Our Services

What are landscaping services? And how will they help me?

Put simply, landscaping is the process of making an outside space more appealing through changes to its current structure and fabric. Our landscape design service – which includes bespoke fencing services – has played a huge role in transforming properties across Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Our team carefully plans your garden’s layout by combining your design aspirations with our own creative expertise. From turf suppliers to fencing contractors, our numerous roles tick every box when it comes to creating stunning gardens.

By working closely with you to find the perfect balance, we believe there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

What is different about gardening services and garden maintenance?

Of course, these two services have several crossover points, but they are clearly defined in their own right. We conceptualise gardening services as the integration of the features stemming from your landscape design service. This includes everything from delivering materials as turf suppliers to erecting new boundary markers as fencing contractors.

Garden maintenance is an ongoing service we provide in and around Aylesbury. When undertaking maintenance work at your property, our team preserves the appearance of your landscaping features as time goes by. Having periodical work performed means you get a great return on your investment without having to worry about garden upkeep yourself.

Where do fencing services tie in? How do they help me?

As your fencing contractor, we install an all-important barrier marking the boundary of your Aylesbury home or business. If you prefer, we also provide supply-only fencing services too.

Our sturdy boundary markers provide you with enhanced security and privacy, two vital aspects for any homeowner. What’s more, if you have small children or pets, strong fencing also keeps them safe and secure in the garden – as well as keeping possible dangers out.

I see you trade as turf suppliers. Do I have to collect my purchase?

Yes, we do supply turf – as well as mulch and topsoil – but you don’t need to worry about collecting it from us. We carry out deliveries in the Aylesbury area, so we can schedule a drop-off at your property at a time convenient to you.

Because we operate as a landscape design company (including fencing contractors), you don’t have to use us as only turf suppliers. You can combine our supply expertise with our range, be it fencing services, landscaping or gardening services. This ensures you receive professionally laid turf at the centre of a beautiful landscaped garden.

With regular garden maintenance to help keep your turf, and garden, healthy, you can rely on Lewis Turf & Fencing for the complete landscaping package.

Call 01844 344 435 to talk over options for your own landscape design in Aylesbury. Fencing contractors, turf suppliers and a wide range of gardening services – we do it all.