Fencing Suppliers in Aylesbury | Your Questions Answered

Do you have a long-held vision for a landscaped garden that you feel ready to bring to life? Do you want to transform your garden, but don’t know where to start? At Lewis Turf & Fencing, our skilled team covers every aspect of landscape design. We cover the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas as fencing suppliers as well as gate suppliers, turf suppliers and topsoil suppliers.

With maintenance also included in our services, we keep Aylesbury gardens looking at their best no matter what time of year you call us.

If you don’t need to use us as fencing contractors but have design ideas that we could bring to life, Lewis Turf & Fencing also supplies and installs sheds. Much of our work focuses on domestic, commercial and agricultural fencing but we will do whatever is needed to bring your outdoor concepts to fruition.

Here, we answer questions received from clients in the Aylesbury area.

What are landscaping services and how can they help me?

Put simply, landscaping is the process of making outside space appealing through changes to its current structure and fabric. Our landscape design service, which includes bespoke fencing installation, has played a huge role in transforming properties across Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Our team plans your garden’s layout by combining your design aspirations with our own creative expertise. Our landscaping and fencing contractors tick every box when it comes to creating stunning garden spaces.

And because we also trade as turf suppliers and topsoil suppliers, ongoing maintenance is another way for us to help our customers and clients.

What is different about gardening and garden maintenance?

These two services have several crossover points, but they are clearly defined in their own ways. We conceptualise gardening work as the integration of the features stemming from a landscape design service. This includes everything from delivering materials to erecting boundary markers as fencing suppliers and gate suppliers. We consider every last inch of your garden in Aylesbury.

Garden maintenance is an ongoing upkeep service.

When undertaking maintenance work at your property, our team preserves the appearance of your landscaping features as time goes by. Having some scheduled work undertaken means you get a great return on your original investment without having to worry about tending to the garden yourself.

Where do fencing services tie in and how will they help me?

As fencing suppliers and fencing contractors, we install all-important barriers which mark the boundary of your Aylesbury home or business. If you prefer, we also offer a supply-only service. Importantly, we are good friends to rural communities near Buckinghamshire’s historic county town and we can also supply and install agricultural fencing for farms and for smallholdings.

Our sturdy fencing provides you with enhanced security and privacy, two key aspects for any homeowner. What’s more, if you have small children or pets, strong fencing also keeps them safe and secure when using the garden.

Fencing is just as important for deterring thieves and other potential intruders.

You trade as turf suppliers and topsoil suppliers. Do you deliver?

We supply turf, topsoil and mulch, but you don’t need to collect it. We offer responsive deliveries in the Aylesbury area and can schedule a drop-off at your property at a time convenient to you. Because we trade as landscape designers, fencing suppliers and fencing contractors, you don’t have to use us exclusively in our further capacity of turf suppliers and topsoil suppliers.

You can combine our supply expertise with our service range, be it a fencing, installation, new gates or the construction of sheds. This ensures you receive professionally laid turf and topsoil at the centre of a landscaped garden.

With regular garden maintenance to keep your turf and garden healthy, you can rely on Lewis Turf & Fencing for the complete landscaping package.

How will garden sheds make my landscaping theme more practical?

Garden sheds can be a welcome addition to any garden and provide you with storage space for gardening equipment, hand tools, the children’s bicycles and even outdoor furniture. Every shed supplied by our company comes in pressure-treated framework and panels so that after installation, it requires less maintenance to keep wood protected and in good condition.

In addition to sheds, we also supply Aylesbury with garden rooms, garden offices and summerhouses to make your outdoor space habitable.

While we are best known as fencing suppliers, gate suppliers, turf suppliers and topsoil suppliers, sheds are a passion for our workforce and one of the best ways to keep your personal belongings and tools protected.

Because Lewis Turf & Fencing specialises in garden, business and agricultural fencing, our experience with timber knows no bounds. With gates available in a choice of styles and designs too, complete with hardware, our company has grown to become a leading name in the field of landscaping services.

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