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The latest blog from Lewis Turf and Fencing runs over some landscaping ideas to keep in mind should you feel the urge to reimagine your garden. If you live in or around the Aylesbury area, then our team of professionals are at hand to provide professional assistance with that very task, so call us to discuss your ideas on 01844 344435.

Landscaping Ideas to Re-imagine Your Garden

Think Green – With climate catastrophe no longer a far off idea, as the world witnesses in real time the effects of centuries of environmental abuse, it pays to think green in all aspects of life – from grocery purchasing habits, to diet, to the vehicles we drive and the companies we support; the same is true when planning the landscaping scheme of your Aylesbury garden. Use sustainably sourced materials for patios and fencing, and use flowers and plants that support the local ecosystem, while attracting wildlife.

Your Own Private Island – Landscaping is also an ideal way to create a sense of privacy within your garden, so you can feel free to unwind away from prying eyes. Fencing, thick hedges and a carefully mulled layout can all create a feeling of being away from the world when you retreat into your garden. Sunbathers and meditators of Aylesbury rejoice!

New Hard Features – Patios are one of the sought after garden amenities not just amongst Aylesbury house hunters, but those all throughout the UK. Why? They can serve as both an affective centrepiece, and a wonderful tucked away surprise that’s also highly functional; dinners and drinks outdoors in fair weather make sure your garden gets used, and doesn’t just serve as a decorative jewel in the crown of your wider property. If this sounds promising, our landscaping team would love to discuss your ideas, so give us a call at your earliest convenience.

Keep it Simple – Sometimes the issue facing Aylesbury gardens is not a lack of features and green elements, but an overabundance; the end result is something far too busy and convoluted, and something not very easy on the eye! Stripping things back with the help of landscaping pros like Lewis Turf and Fencing can be exactly what’s in order. Keep your favourite beds, features and ideas while cutting back on the overgrown or “extra” – the end result will be something both more minimalist, and more manageable. Win-win.

For assistance from local, time served landscaping professionals, call Lewis Turf and Fencing in Aylesbury on 01844 344435.