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We don’t think fencing should ever be an afterthought; unfortunately this is exactly what it is for many an Aylesbury property owner. But as your local fencing contractor, we’re ready to help you replace old, weathered, damaged or poorly installed/chosen fencing, with something that you can be genuinely proud of. You can learn more about our fencing services by clicking here, or you can read on to discover our latest blog, which looks at important factors that should influence how you come to choose the perfect fencing for your property…

Things to Consider When Choosing Fencing

Security – Fencing can contribute to the overall security of your property in two key ways. Firstly, it can deter would-be intruders/trespassers, just as damaged or absent fencing can encourage opportunistic thieves and vandals. Secondly, it can secure a perimeter and prevent pets and young children from wandering off and putting themselves in harm’s way.

If you’re security conscious and looking to turn your home into Fort Knox, or wish to secure your front or back garden on behalf of said pets and children, our Aylesbury based fencing contractors can help find the right size and strength of fence to facilitate this; helpful advice and assistance are always at the core of our fencing services.

Privacy – Another concern is privacy, because no one likes the idea of nosy neighbours or prying eyes spying on us and our loved ones! Those looking to create private nooks and crannies within their garden for summer sunbathing, paddling and get-togethers can strategically place fencing that is opaque – e.g closeboard fencing – and tall enough for the job.

Style – Our fencing contractors also play an important part in beautifying gardens throughout Aylesbury, installing quality fences that match wider garden design schemes. Not only should perimeter fences look robust, healthy and consistent with your main property, have you considered how decorative fences and trellises – the installation of which is one of our core fencing services – can serve as exciting centrepieces that perfectly compliment garden paths and patios?

As we also serve as a garden maintenance company covering Aylesbury and its surrounds, we can bring in creeping plants that scale trellises and create a vibrant, elegant feature that brings life and heady aromas to your garden. For more blog posts, click here!

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