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When you're in the business of providing garden services to the Aylesbury area - as we are at Lewis Turf and Fencing - you're constantly bumping into fellow green thumbed garden enthusiasts. This is a great opportunity to share our respective knowledge of garden maintenance and more broadly, landscaping, leading to exciting conversations and revelations. But what about when it comes to sharing knowledge beyond our area of coverage?

Our blog gives us a great opportunity to do just that, and in our maiden blog post, we've decided to share a mix of common and slightly less well-known nuggets of wisdom. We hope that those from all across the world interested in the world of garden maintenance will stand to learn a little something from our Aylesbury based providers of a myriad of garden services.

7 Garden Maintenance Tips from the Pros

  1. The best times for watering plants is early in the morning or in the evening.
  2. Another key aspect of quality garden maintenance is avoiding watering leaves and plant heads; this prevents mould forming, and general damage due to pressurised impact.
  3. Aylesbury residents should use around 10 to 15 litres of water per square meter when watering their lawns. Keep in mind lawn care is part of the package of garden services offered by Lewis Turf and Fencing.
  4. Plant bedded flowers close together to minimise the space available for weeds.
  5. Mulch will prevent weeds from forming.
  6. When de-weeding – an essential part of garden maintenance – target the roots with a special weeding trowel. This will prevent them re-emerging.
  7. In the heat of summer, keep your lawn fairly long (at least 5cm) to protect it from the sun and stop soil drying out.

But, not everyone in Aylesbury and its surrounds has the time, touch or requisite mobility to handle garden maintenance on their own behalf; if this sounds like you, why not call Lewis Turf and Fencing? We offer a comprehensive range of garden services covering all aspects of garden maintenance, as well as landscaping more generally. Our prices are competitive, and we tailor our garden services to be as accommodative as possible, keeping in mind your schedule and the unique needs of your garden.

You can contact us regarding garden maintenance and adjacent garden services on 01844 344 435. We cover Aylesbury and all surrounding areas.