Landscape Design in Aylesbury | Your Questions Answered

Based in Princes Risborough, Lewis Turf & Fencing covers the whole of the Aylesbury area as landscape design specialists. We have a skilled team of landscaping and fencing contractors, and we also operate as bark, topsoil and turf suppliers. Design is a key aspect in our gardening services, and also in our fencing services, because both have a significant impact on hard and soft landscaping features, and on the enjoyment of our Aylesbury customers.


For those with a current landscape design in place, we perform garden maintenance to keep everything looking as it should. This page answers your questions on our landscaping services, and discusses the benefits we provide for your Aylesbury property.

How to Find Us

What are landscaping services and how can they help me?

Landscaping is the process of making outdoor space more appealing by making changes to the current fabric and structure. Landscape design plays a major role in transforming Aylesbury properties. At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we carefully plan the layout of your garden by combining our own creativity with your landscape design aspirations. By working together with the customer, we firmly believe there is no limit to what can be achieved.


What are the differences between garden services and garden maintenance?


There are many crossover points to these two disciplines but we think garden services are best applied to the integration of features which stem from our landscape design services in Aylesbury. Garden maintenance is an ongoing service which helps preserve the appearance of a landscape design in the future. Customers in the Aylesbury area tend to use garden maintenance services periodically instead of having to manage their own upkeep needs.


Where do fencing services tie in, and how do they help me?


Our fencing contractors help to create boundaries around your Aylesbury home or business, although Lewis Turf & Fencing also offer supply-only fencing services. The work of our fencing contractors also enhances security around a property. Just as importantly, fencing gives homeowners more privacy. Some families in Aylesbury have small children or pets, and they use our fencing services to keep them inside – and potential dangers outside.


I notice you trade as turf suppliers. Do I have to collect my purchase from you?


No. Like all reputable turf suppliers, we make regular deliveries to the Aylesbury area and can arrange a drop-off at your property at a time to suit your diary. Because we also operate as a landscaping company, you don’t have to use us merely as turf suppliers. Choose our gardening services too, and we’ll lay your turf to professional standards. Lewis Turf & Fencing also provides garden maintenance by appointment to keep your turf healthy.

A Complete Landscaping Service in the Aylesbury Area

At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we understand that the questions above only pierce the surface of our landscaping, gardening and fencing services. If you would like to talk to our landscape design team or our fencing contractors, call us on 01844 344435. We’ll visit your Aylesbury property by appointment to discuss the garden maintenance services you need. If you only need to use us as bark, topsoil or turf suppliers, call the same number to arrange deliveries.


We’ve worked hard to make our gardening services in Aylesbury as comprehensive as we possibly can. Because we perform landscaping work to support our supply-only services, home and business owners throughout Buckinghamshire can have their landscape design and garden maintenance needs undertaken by a single company that always puts the customer first – that’s because nobody in our business is ever as important as YOU!

Contact our team on 01844 344435 for landscape design, gardening services and fencing services in the Aylesbury area at fair, competitive prices.

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