Landscape Design and Gardening Services in Aylesbury

At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we offer a complete range of professional gardening services to customers in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire, which we build around their domestic and commercial landscaping requirements. We include fencing services within our local and regional scope, and our experienced team also covers the area as topsoil and turf suppliers. Landscape design plays a major role in our work, and our company has a friendly, reliable and traditional approach to great customer service.


We trade as project management specialists with the vision, the creativity and the expertise to bring your landscape design concepts to life. If you have your own ideas of how a dream garden should look, choose Lewis Turf & Fencing. Our landscape design and gardening services in Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire turn those dreams into stunning outdoor spaces.


Once we have a landscape design theme in place, we provide the manpower and the materials needed to get the job done. Integrating a new lawn is never a problem because we deliver to all areas around Aylesbury as turf suppliers. What sets us apart is that we also lay the turf on your behalf, and build around green centrepieces with flexible garden services that boost the kerb appeal and the value of your property.


We are hard and soft landscaping specialists, so everything you need from our landscape design, gardening and fencing services can be easily accommodated.

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Fencing Services in Aylesbury and all Surrounding Locations

Our fencing services deliver private and secure solutions for properties in the Aylesbury area, and our contractors use the finest products and materials available. We offer the complete supply and installation service, and erect a wide assortment of treated close-board, overlap and trellis fencing products that not only look great, but which also withstand the harshest of weather conditions. We also supply and install metal security fencing, primarily for our business customers.


Choosing our fencing services to complement a landscape design theme helps to protect your Aylesbury or Buckinghamshire property against possible breaches, and also adds welcome privacy. If you have worries over the containment of children and pets, or concerns about keeping wildlife out of a garden, our fencing services provide the barrier you need for separating your own home from the possible dangers of the outside world.

Gardening Services by Scheduled Appointment

Once we have successfully created a landscape design theme for your Aylesbury property, our company does everything possible to keep everything looking perfect throughout the year. Our gardening services include scheduled maintenance. Arrange for our landscapers to visit your Buckinghamshire home at specified intervals, and we’ll provide the gardening services you need without the hassle of having to undertake time-consuming work yourself.


Everything from lawn maintenance to the upkeep of flowerbeds and planters falls under our range of gardening services. If you have hard landscaping features at your Aylesbury or Buckinghamshire home that have become damaged and need our attention, we can deal with those too. This includes repairs to perimeters as a part of our fencing services.

Local Deliveries from Topsoil and Turf Suppliers

At Lewis Turf & Fencing, we trade as fully independent turf suppliers for the Aylesbury area. Our workforce delivers turf to your property in perfect condition and, if you don’t like the idea of handling the hard work of laying our turf yourself, we’ll take care of the practical side of things on your behalf. We’re more than just turf suppliers, and we offer a dedicated turf-laying service that beds in perfectly for a superior take in all garden conditions.


Our gardening services and fencing services provide our Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire customers with everything they need for maintaining the perfect landscape design theme. Because we also cover the region as topsoil and turf suppliers, customers only need to call a single company for a complete landscaping service. Contact us on 01844 344435 to see what the team from Lewis Turf & Fencing can do for you and your property.

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Contact our team on 01844 344435 for landscape design, gardening services and fencing services in the Aylesbury area at affordable local prices.

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